Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish a foundation that will enable us to uplift young minorities to achieve financial independence and to help empower them to achieve financial freedom.  Thus, Space Age investment Group, LLC (SAIG) was created from likeminded individuals with the mission of empowering not only the mind, but creating financial literacy to gain financial control over their lives through the world financial markets. 

SAIG seeks to attract individuals with similar ideals who wish to become members of this investment Group. 

Therefore, we as day traders, investors, and speculators will make all attempts to better inform communities about money market tools that will break the vicious cycle of mental poverty. 

To become more knowledgeable about investment instruments each time we congregate.  SAIG will share our wisdom and talents amongst each other. SAIG will create an empire as huge as monuments with a legacy that will last an eternity.  SAIG will leave a blueprint for the next generation to follow so they will know the opportunities that exist within the financial markets enabling them to have a much larger success.

Vision Statement

The vision of Space Age Investment Group, LLC (SAIG) is to promote financial freedom for its members. SAIG wants our members to eventually become independent full-time investors.  SAIG vision encompasses the passion to not be dependent of a job, making someone else profitable off our own talent; instead, we want to use our collective talents to enable us to be profitable as well as have time and freedom to do things we love. 

An extension of our vision at SAIG is a very interesting component which is that of a life coach.  A life coach sole purpose is to help you focus on what you wish to achieve in your life. Your coach reminds you of your strengths, helps you to feel better about yourself and gives you valuable feedback on your thoughts and behavior to support you in moving forward.

SAIG plans to be within the local community within 5 years and have workshops, consulting, and coaching individuals nationwide within the next 10 years.